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Working with Tate Research:

Tate Research has advised many commercial real estate owners regarding the ‘highest and best use’ of greenfield and underdeveloped sites.  These assignments capitalize on Tate’s market knowledge and industry connections that keep on top of, and even ahead of, market trends.

Tate has been focussed on the redevelopment of existing shopping centres, having been studying diversifying market opportunities and residential intensification since the early 2000s.  We have examined the redevelopment opportunities for major shopping centres as well as smaller centres, including the transformation of local plazas to other uses. 

Often real estate is not the core business of certain companies.  However, market forces lead to opportunities for excess land, or redevelopment of existing uses.  Tate Research has advised companies on these prospects and the maximization of development potential.  Real estate has evolved and Tate Research has assists owners and managers capitalize on market opportunities.

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