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Tate – Your Land Use Analysis Partner

Tate Research stands as Canada’s leading boutique market analysis firm, specializing in the retail and commercial real estate-related market field. Our services cater to a diverse range of public and private sector clients nationwide.

The heart of our experience lies at the intersection of economic viability and city building. Our commitment to precision in economic market analysis sets us apart, ensuring accuracy from the outset.

For over two decades, James Tate and Sameer Patel have guided developers and municipalities through the intricacies of commercial development, navigating unprecedented growth, demographic shifts, and evolving city planning trends. Their shared passion for meeting client needs and their dedication to achieving perfection in every detail, on time and within budget, underscore their approach.

Tate Research has emerged as the preferred choice for retail development and redevelopment. The surge in mixed-use developments has led developers and municipalities to seek more comprehensive support from their research and planning partners. Tate’s extensive knowledge of retail and commercial land use requirements, coupled with a profound understanding of trends, neighbourhood dynamics, and their consequent impacts, ensures that your development endeavors shape vibrant, sustainable, and profitable communities.

Our Mission Is Your Success


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Our objective is to provide developers and municipalities with the analysis and strategic advice necessary to plan, approve and build vibrant and sustainable communities. 

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