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Working with Tate Research:

The roots of Tate Research are in the development community.  We have evolved into a more diversified service base but remain active with a wide range of private sector developers.  We have advised clients that range from owners of the “family farm” to some of the largest REITs and public and private development companies in the country – and all sorts of developers in between.

Our services are focused on commercial market demand analyses.  These services include highest and best use studies, strategy pieces and development approvals.  We have advised on all types of commercial development, including hotels, seniors, offices, employment, retail and many other non-residential uses.  We have also advised developers of every type of shopping centre, from local plazas to major regional open concept and enclosed centres.

In more recent years, Tate Research has focused on retail planning in a mixed-use context.  We are known as leaders in the field of quantifying demand for non-residential space and optimizing strategies in terms of service levels to residents and the design of appropriate spaces for retail uses.  Our strategies help to ensure the economic viability of the non-residential component of new mixed-use projects. 

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